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Thursday, February 22, 2007

300 Movie Brings History to Bloody Life (

All right! We're getting some exposure on This article includes an interview with Zack Snyder, the awesome Director behind 300. Let's take a look...

"No one should ever take drugs, ever. I want to go on the record on that. But if someone was to slip you a mickey, I would immediately get into a taxi and go to an Imax screening of 300."

"If you ask a digital artist to do a (computer-generated) shot, maybe a glass dropping on the ground, you can show it to anyone and ask, "Does that look real?" They'll say "yes" or "no." With 300, I was asking my artists to create something that looks surreal or fantastic, to create environments that were impossible. I was asking them to be artists again, to be expressive, to express their own emotions through the skies and landscapes."

"This is a historical film, and technology gave us the tools to render history in ways we haven't seen before. And it wasn't cost-prohibitive. The idea of making ancient Rome or the pyramids -- those could only have been done in very big-budget films. Now, rendering these kinds of images has become less expensive and more accessible. I think you'll be seeing more fantastic images and journeys back in time."

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